True Cost

Good morning ladies,

Over the weekend Jimmy and I were planning our “holiday meal”; the list included brats, hotdogs, potato salad, chips….but in a variety that was chicken, tofu, vinegar and mustard based and baked.  I understand that grilling out 4th food seems to be pretty standard from the people we know.  Everyone seems to have the same things at their family and friend spread and we are no exception other than the ingredients in the food we choose to prepare.  Jimmy is the IMPERIAL of grocery shoppers; he checks pricing and sales and compares one with another; I have offered to loan him out to friends.  We began talking about the costs of eating the way we do vs. our old way so we checked the difference in price from the chicken brats we bought vs the other Johnsonville type and we spent an extra 2.00 on the package.  The hotdogs we buy are from Meijer and the cost comparison was 1.78 more for tofu.  The baked chips were comparable because of the sale and I didn’t compare the price with mayonnaise based potato salad vs. vinegar and mustard based.  At the checkout we concluded we SAVED money!

We SAVED money…..want to know how?  Because we only bought those things.  When we were fat we would go balls to the wall on holiday food.  We would buy 3 kinds of chips, 2 six packs of beer (I liked Blue Moon and Jimmy liked Bells), ice cream sandwiches, a 1/2 gallon of ice cream and popsicle with extra stuff for sundae’s, soda for the kids and a veggie tray (which no one ate).

See there is a constant conversation about the cost of eating healthy vs eating less than healthy and I agree, HEALTHY food is more expensive.  The cost of fresh produce sometimes makes me want to scream as I buy 5-6 kinds of fruit for the week and veggies to go with every meal and for snacks (because Clarke will eat a colored pepper every day alone & Jimmy eats an avocado a day as well by himself each day).  The difference is we don’t eat as much.  Because we buy so much fresh food, the kind that goes bad, we can only buy so much at a time.  We buy food once a week other than chocolate milk because Pryor and Walter have an addiction to it.  We only buy based upon our breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan and instead of buying every snack known to man we buy 2 boxes of granola bars (as a treat), 1 5 count pack of small dark chocolate bars for myself, and pretzels as an in the car snack.  Next week we may buy fish crackers instead of pretzels.  I hope I am making my point here.

For a family of 7; 2 of them more than moderately exercising adults, 2 of them teenagers and the last 3 children; we spend roughly $200 (it has actually gone up as Clarke has begun eating like a mad man) per week.  When we were fat I would spend between $350-500 PER WEEK!!!  I was always justifying it because we were such a large family but truly it was because we ATE TOO MUCH!  We had all kinds of crackers, treats, fruit snacks, drinks……you name it we had it.  I could cook for a week without having to go to the grocery store but I would go again on Monday and restock our shit food cupboards.

So maybe when you go grocery shopping for your holiday feast around the BBQ instead of thinking how much each individual item you buy is and then add it to all the normal things you eat, maybe try to regroup and only buy healthier options without the extras.  Spent the money on colored peppers and don’t spend it on soda.  Go for the ketchup that has low sugar, no high fructose corn syrup and don’t buy the extra bag of chips.  Eating healthier is a buy 1 don’t buy 3 kind of give and let go.  Eating healthier isn’t more expense if you buy the fresh fruits and veggies AS TREATS AND SNACKS instead of an addition to them.

Your Turn has begun making another upgrade or maybe trade-off.  We have been desiring to have a web page which is quite challenging (if anyone knows how to do this please feel free to give a shout out because we have hit a stump).  We have developed a blog site and on it we have this “email” post and our happenings of the day and a photo center of some Your Turn Inspirators.  I am going to send the link on here for you to check it out.  Please click the follow this blog and you can begin receiving the daily “email” that way directly to your email inbox with the added features.  As you add the “follow” the bog you will be taken off the email chain so you don’t receive 2 of these posts.  Please bear with us as we begin this transition.

Get Your Sweat On!!!

Your Turn, Melodie


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